Our Classroom

In Reggio literature, the classroom is referred to as the third teacher.  This means that a welcoming, organized and thoughtfully designed space can be just as influential to student learning as a child’s parents and teachers.

We are fortunate to have a large classroom with lots of natural light. We are thoughtful about what furniture to include and ensure the room doesn’t become too full with ‘stuff’ as we want to maintain lots of open space for children to imagine, create and discover.

These pictures reflect our learning space in October.  We begin each year with minimal materials in our classroom and spend time building rapport with our students as we slowly add and explore new materials together.

Our classroom space will shift over the course of the year to reflect our group of students’ most meaningful learning.  Documentation will be updated, the materials provided and even the layout will change to support our ever-evolving program.  Nevertheless, here is a peak at what it currently looks like!

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